HyperView2.959 banner Documentation
public class HyperFrame extends Frame implements
AppletStub, AppletContext,Runnable

            // stdin args[] \      width/height
HyperFrame(STDInputHandler,String[], int, int)

       // Applet ,stdin args[], width/height
            // Parent,Applet,stdin args[]
HyperFrame(Object,Applet,String[] args )

    /// Constructor with no arg parsing.
       // Parent, Applet,width/height

    /// Constructor with no default width/height.
public HyperFrame(Applet,String[])

    /// Constructor with no arg parsing.
            // Applet,width/height
public HyperFrame(Applet,int,int)

   HyperFrame loads and instance  of HyperView

HandlerEvent is deprecated.  The replacment AWTEvent.
may require removing or dispatching Listener events
so it is left in for the time being.


This method converts the strings into Applet  parameters.

private static void parseArgs( String[],Properties)

Stub for compatability.

protected void processEvent(AWTEvent)

public void run()

starts Applets and waits for them to stop.